Psychic/Medium Reading with Angel Cards

Readings will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Depending on the energies coming through, a personal object or picture can be helpful. The Angel cards will help Dwayne receive guidance on sharing information you need to hear and connect with loved ones that have crossed over. Readings can be held in person, through Skype, Facebook, Email or by Phone.



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Angel Card Reading

Angel cards are a magnificent tool for channeling positive energy and information into your life. Both Dwayne and Shelley are certified and prepared to do a reading for you. Angel cards can give insight into relationships, careers and finances while giving the recipient peace of mind and confidence in their decisions. You never know what you can learn! Angel card readings can also be held in person, through Skype, Facebook, Email or by Phone.



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In Office Reiki Healing

Please plan for an hour of treatment per session. You will experiance the healing energies of the universe which can heal any imbalances in chakras, emotional state, and physical being as well as clear your aura of any unwanted energies.



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Long Distance Reiki Healing

Long distance Reiki healing is very similar to in office healing, save for the fact that Dwayne shall send the energy over great distance and even through time itself. Reiki healing will be effective on yourself, as well as loved ones, animals, and those who have crossed over.



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Reiki Practitioner Training

Reiki practitioner training involves the passing of attunements from the reiki master to the student.
Level I reiki allows you to preform energy healing work on yourself and others.
Level II will allow you to send the reiki energy over long distances and heal emotionally.
Level III includes your mastery of reiki and unlocks greater powers and abilities such as removing emotional blocks.



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Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of very fine needles at specific points on the body. This process stimulates movement of energy within the body, allowing natural healing to take place. Acupuncture practitioners are trained to select these points, based on over 2,000 years of experience in China.

Acupuncture helps to prevent illness by improving the overall functioning of the body's immune and organ systems. Acupuncture is helpful for:

  • Treating existing illnesses and injuries.
  • Pain Relief
  • Well Being
  • Stress reduction
  • Migraine and headache relief
  • Preventing both recurrence of illnesses and new illness.
  • Improving overall health.

Contact Shelley or visit Dragon Fly Healing for further details on what to expect with acupunture treatment!



Full Body New Patient - $50

Full Body Established Patient - $45

Community Style Treatment - $30

All fees to be charged at time of service

Now Offering Mobile Treatment

Within 10 mile radius: $65

Outside 10 mile radius: $75

Herbal Remedies

We carry Herbal Formulations from Standard Process Herbs and offer free herbal consultations.

In the future, we will be offering classes on herbs and essential oils. We are proud to offer Advocare products.

Angel Realms

Dwayne is able to do Angel Realm readings upon request. For more information, please contact Dwayne.


Maria, Denver CO.

"Dwayne is a gentle and grounded soul who approaches his readings with great seriousness and reverence. He has sharp intuitive insights and a keen sense of people's energies, both living and in spirit. He is methodical and deliberate in his approach to communicating with spirits and as such his information is specific and not general. He does not try to elict information from his clients. If something does not seem fit, he leaves room in the reading for you to ask questions at the end. I found my reading with him to be helpful as well as insightful and comforting.
I have also had the wonderful experiance of taking an angel card class with Dwayne and Shelley. I found them to both be highly organized teachers who were supportive and relaxed in their approach, allowing us to each find our own style. They even brought in volunteers for us to do practice readings with. At the completion of the class, I felt well-prepared to do my first reading and am grateful to have had such wonderful teachers."

Regina F.

"My reading with Dwayne was life changing! He helped me to see what I wasn't able to because of past hurts! Dwayne is extremely accurate and I would highly recommend him to my family and friends!

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